Hello, I’m Sergey, the creator of beautyandai.com, a unique space where the pursuit of beauty and intellectual perfection converge in perfect harmony. This project was born from my lifelong fascination with the masterpieces of great artists and my passion for understanding the nature of beauty.

As a child, I was captivated by the masterpieces of legendary artists such as Michelangelo, Raphael, and Rubens. While I attempted to emulate their art, I quickly discovered that my creations fell short of the masters’ extraordinary brilliance. It wasn’t until the advent of AI Art technology that my passion for art was reawakened, inspiring me to delve deeper into life’s most profound questions.

My academic journey encompasses a Master’s degree in Mathematics and a PhD in Computer Science, with a specialization in mathematical logic, semantics, and computational modeling. Throughout my academic pursuits, I have cultivated a deep interest in philosophy, specifically Hermeticism and Platonism. The Hermetic principle of “as above, so below” has profoundly shaped my worldview. There is an ancient Greek notion that Truth, Goodness, and Beauty are unified and inseparable. Being a student of modern formal semantics, I found this idea to be a complex mathematical enigma, which fueled my ambition to one day unravel its mysteries.

In 2022, the advent of open-source AI art generators presented me with an opportunity to pursue the beauty and perfection that I had cherished since childhood. Immersing myself in extensive experimentation with various AI models, I crafted a unique method for refining text prompts and selecting images of remarkable artistic quality. This transformative journey sparked my inspiration to embark on a mission to create art that encapsulates the essence and perfection of human emotions and the soul.

And so, Beauty and AI was born. This project focuses on capturing the beauty and perfection of the soul through art, with an emphasis on painting faces as windows to the soul. Our secondary goal is to document the evolving capabilities of AI technology in reflecting the beauty of the human face, emotions, the soul, and the spirit.

Our Beauty and AI blog functions as a platform for sharing our creative journey, chronicling the history of AI art, and delving into the captivating question: what is beauty? As a mathematician and philosopher, I am driven to investigate the links between Platonic and Hermetic philosophy, and the mathematics of beauty. As I delved deeper into the theory of metaphors and analogies, patterns, symmetry, and the nature of human imagination, the mathematical essence of beauty began to unravel. Be sure to explore my articles dedicated to the mathematical study of beauty on the Beauty and AI Blog.

I invite you to join me on this captivating journey, as we delve into the enchanting world of AI-powered art and celebrate the fusion of technology and beauty at beautyandai.com.